Stuck 1st July

Well haven't been doing much scrapping sadly, too many other things and projects on the go, but I did manage to do the first Stuck Sketch a couple of weeks ago. Hoping to have ago at the second one before the end of the month.

Hopefully I can update again sooner rather than later. See ya xoxo

WOW that year went fast LMAO!!!

I can't believe I haven't blogged in almost a year!!! It certainly has been a busy year, but thought I would upload my scrap-creations again and get myself motivated to do more scrapping. It certainly is a great hobby and a beautiful way to record our family memories.

The first one is for the challenge WHITE WITH ONE - July's challenge is "White - Aqua/teal - chipboard". It's from Easter this year during our Easter hunt at mum and dad's house.

The next one is for THE COLOUR ROOM and is from when we went to see Dinosaurs Alive exhibition. I still can't believe that Luke was not one bit scared of those dinosaurs!! It took Kaytie half an hour to understand that they are not real - so I spose its 'a boy thing' lol

It's holidays at the moment and have some spare time to do a few more pages, so I'm working on a STUCK?! SKETCH at the moment and I'll pop it up here when I'm done.

Thanks for visiting.

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