A quick share

The next STUCK layout has gone up today, so thought I would share the version I did :D

And I just finished the monthly sketch challenge for CIS...

My latest scrapping pages

Thought I would start another blog just for my scrapping. My little hobby of creating albums for the family has become a nice little addiction and a great way to occupy my mind.

I have been participating on a few online challenges so I will share them with you. Firstly Crafting in Style ran a 6 week Ready Steady Scrap competition. This was were they would give you the 'ingredients' or what you could only use on your layout and you had to come up with a page using those items. Here are my entries for that:

Recipe 1

Recipe 2

Recipe 3

Recipe 4

Recipe 5

Recipe 6

They also had their October cybercrop which was themed 'Sweets and Treats'. I was only able to get one of the challenges done as I was pre-occupied with my little nephew being born and we went away for the weekend. But here is what I did for the sketch challenge.

They still have their monthly 'Title' and 'Sketch' competition for October and also a new bi-monthly challenge called 'Piece it Together'.

Scrap Therapy is another forum I like to hang around on and they have some fantastic challenges this month. So, here some that I did for September:

Julie's inspiration:

Manufacturer of the month (Sassafrass lass): (and YAY I won this one :D)

September cybercrop: (and double YAY won this one too :D)

For their October cc I got 3 out of 4 of their challenges done and here they are:

I snuck in another challenge at the last minute for Artypants which was a sketch challenge:

And lastly I have applied to be part of the CT for STUCK sketches and they are doing a four week competition and here are my first 2 pages. I have done the third week but can't share that one until after tuesday :D

Here are some other pages that I have done over a couple of months. I think some are from when I won the chance to be on the CIS sketch blog.
This one was for Scrapping the Music, where you scrap a page using the title or lyrics of the song.
Oh yeh and Diva and I had a Christmas card making night one night and made HEAPS of cards using our Stampin' Up stamps we bought. It was great fun. Here's one that I did, but I won't show you anymore as it may spoil the surprise for Christmas ;)

Anyway thanks for checking out my scrapbooking blog and feel free to leave any comments :
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